Trade Media Placements Can Be Your Best Placements

prsancc_headerIf you work for someone who learned media relations ropes in the last century, you probably hear the term “top tier media” regularly. This generally refers to the media biggies that dominated the coverage of yesteryear such as the New York Times and the three national television networks.

It is well past time to expand the definition of “top tier.” Today, public relations pros can target key audiences much more effectively in trade publications, targeted blogs, and other outlets. With mass media outlets, we accepted that we were reaching an audience that had a lot of non-targeted people in addition to the folks we hoped to reach.  We can now be much more laser-focused on reaching the right people.

DC-area communicators have an opportunity to learn more about why securing media placements in today’s trade press is invaluable for today’s communications agenda. The Wednesday, June 17 workshop, hosted by the National Capital Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, will explore about the impact trade media coverage has in today’s PR landscape.