Latest Twist on the House Analogy: Getting it Right

header_mailboxesThe process of building a house is still my favorite analogy for illustrating the key parts of a great online communication strategy. Deep in the throes of actually building a house, a new nuance to this comparison has become all to apparent: You won’t always get it right the first (second, third, etc.) time.

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Communication strategy is all about pulling together the right building blocks to have a desired impact: event registrations, purchases, requests for information, behavior change, etc. Despite our best efforts to make all the right choices, sometimes when it all comes together it just doesn’t work. It is time for revision, a process that may take several rounds before we get the desired result.

Here’s what this looks like with the house analogy: while our house was little more than a hole in the ground, my husband and I started the process of selecting furniture. Some of the items we selected look great, while others are just too large or too small for our new space. we’re shuffling some items around and returning others. We hope to make some better choices in this next round.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. we all work with the best information on hand plus a dose of instinct. Odds are, we’re not going to be on target all the time.

Great communicators know how to take a step back, assess what’s working and what’s not working, and make changes. You may have thought that blue paint was perfect but, face it, the color is all wrong in the natural light of the room.

So when you launch your next website resdesign, email campaign, or social media push, be sure to take a step back and make sure all the elements are coming together as intended. Monitor all of your measures of success and be open to the need for adjustments.