Email Subject Line Tips

header_emailWhen it comes to email, the buck stops with the subject line. If the subject line doesn’t speak to something the recipient thinks is relevant, the message is deleted and the content is never read. So, be sure that your subject line is strategic rather than an afterthought.

Consider these elements to create an effective email subject lines.

  • WIIFM. Tell the recipient what’s in it for me. Communicate how opening the email will benefit the reader.
  • Be a real person. People interact with people. Don’t sound like a machine.
  • News. why is this message something that is relevant RIGHT NOW?
  • Social proof. Provide proof that other people the reader cares about made the choice your message addresses. Use a stat when possible.
  • Once upon a time. An email subject line that tells the beginning of a story can create curiosity to get opened.
  • You’ll never believe what happened next…A curiosity-based email subject line can be wildly successful or the lack of detail can make it a flop. Take care to combine this element with another element.

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