Putting the Strategy in Content Marketing

header_mazePosting content online isn’t going to be effective until you have  a defined strategy directing your efforts. No one can afford to continually create new content just for the sake of creating content. A content strategy will ensure that content is being used effectively to achieve business goals.

In the 2015 edition B2B Content Marketing Report, the Content Marketing Institute found that the key to content marketing success is having a written strategy and letting it guide your efforts.

An effective strategy will consider:

Mobile. Audiences are consuming content on mobile devices.

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Reuse. Content has a life beyond the initial post. Catalog all the channels available and have a plan for giving content new life across those channels.
Interconnect. since all of your content fits into a strategy to reach certain goals, make sure each item is connected to the other items that are part of the strategy. each content piece is a building block and the true impact is more easily realized when they are interconnected.
The voice. Whether you are the sole author or you have a team, a clear, consistent voice is important. You need to understand your audience, their needs, and what they are receptive to receiving.
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Understanding how to research, plan, and distribute content that’s relevant to your goals is the difference between posting content and delivering on an effective content marketing strategy.

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