Approach Media Placements with a SEO Mindset

header handskeyboardSearch engine optimization is not just for the content you produce. With a little strategic thinking, you can infuse your external media placements with SEO, too.

Know your top keywords.

For any type of SEO, you need to know the words and phrases that you want to rank for.
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Use the Google keyword planner.

Input your keywords in the Google keyword planner to focus and narrow your keywords to the ones that you are most likely to rank for.

Test your choice(s).

Do a Google search on the keywords you think are best. You need to do this search without any personalization; in the browser toolbar, click on “file” and then “new incognito window.” Search on the keyword(s) you have chosen to proof out that the results are where you want to be.

Create your pitch list around your keywords.

Create a media list of the media outlets and blogs that rank for your targeted keywords. Be sure to prominently  include the keyword(s) in your pitches – in headlines, subheads, and as link text. Be sure include links to your content that are relevant to the keywords; getting links in your media placements is a great SEO boost.

Track effectiveness.

Monitor search results to see if your ranking changes around your keyword(s). You will need to continue to create content  and pitch stories to have an impact.

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