Drawing a Blank?

header canYesterday I wrote about LinkedIn groups and how to cultivate engagement. The underlying assumption is that you had great ideas for discussions to start in your group. If you are drawing a blank on what to post, here are some ideas.

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Find Content

Regularly sharing content from a variety of sources is a great way to become a hub for your topic in LinkedIn.

  • Set up a Google Alert for the keywords that are relevant. Share the best content that it uncovers.
  • Find content on LinkedIn Pulse. Add you thoughts to a post and share the link.
  • Subscribe to relevant email lists and join related groups. You want to tap into the latest news. You want the discussions to happen in your group.

Elements to Interesting Discussions

Posting to your group is not enough. You need to start discussions that, well, become discussions. You want people liking and commenting. That creates the community you want.

  • Keep discussions focused around your core purpose.
  • Make discussion titles inviting. Ask a question, state a position.
  • Don’t avoid “hot” topics. You want to get people engaged and interacting and nothing does that better than topics with divergent opinions.

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