Playing Catch Up

header speedometerThis blog has been quiet for a while, reflecting not a summertime break but rather some life curve balls. It’s good to be back so I can share some reflections from a very unsettled time.

  • Plan for the worst. I am an optimizer by nature. I like to get the most done in a day that I can. I like to have just what I need on hand and not much more. The downfall of this approach is that it leaves little room for the unexpected. Build a cushion into your life–of time, of money, and resources. When the unexpected comes your way, you’ll be more able to react.
  • Just say no. If you don’t think that new task they want to give you at work or that you can serve that new client well, listen to your gut and say no. You might frustrate some folks in the short terms, but in the longer term you are setting everyone up for greater success. No can be a very kind word.
  • Take less risky risks. I’ve never been a risk taker, but sometimes you just have to try something new. Evaluate the risk and assess whether you are prepared for the down site to become reality. Risk can bring great reward, or not. Be sure you can live with either outcome.

Great to be back. Let me know what you hope I write about in the coming days. You always inspire me.