When to Post?

header timeFast Company recently shared the latest data on the best times to post to social media.

Facebook – Workday Afternoons

Posting to Facebook between 1-4 p.m. results in the highest average click through rates. Most people need some motivation to get through the afternoon slump, and for many of us that means checking Facebook.

The numbers peak around 3 p.m. and hit rock bottom on weekends, before 8 a.m., and after 8 p.m. when people presumably have better things to do.

Twitter – Lunchtime

Most people check Twitter around lunchtime, with peak posting days falling between Monday and Thursday. But once 3 p.m. on Friday rolls around, people have officially checked out.

LinkedIn – Any Day But Friday

Engagement is lowest on Fridays on LinkedIn. Midweek between noon and 5 p.m. sees the most engagement.

Pinterest – Weekends

Pinterest users are most active first thing on Saturday. Work hours are the worst time to share on Pinterest.

Google+ – First Thing In The Morning

The most engagement on Google+ comes from content that is posted first thing in the morning.

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