No More Wallpaper on Twitter

header tweetFeatures come, and features go–that’s just reality of social media. There’s usually little or no notice to users, leaving us all scratching our heads to figure out why something we could do last week no longer works or, conversely, why something we could never do before is now enabled.

The latest feature removal took place on twitter. Along with some redesign of home pages, notifications, and timelines, users can no longer have wallpapers. The pages still allow for header images (and profile pictures), but that’s it.

Twitter began removing wallpaper from profiles last year, beginning with accounts for new users. The effort is part of de-cluttering the platform.

At the same time, Twitter previewed a major new feature, dubbed “Project Lightning,” that allows Twitter and its users to aggregate content around events in curated spaces on the platform, including photos and videos. Twitter has also formed a partnership with Google, allowing U.S. users to see relevant tweets in Google search results within the Google app and on the mobile web. A similar integration for desktop search results is in the works.

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