Content Success: Have a Strategy?

header pencilsbookEveryone wants to market their content these days. Getting eyeballs on your thoughts and ideas is a great way to engage with key audiences in the social media age.

Why are some efforts to engage with content more successful than others? Any communication pro can tell you – it all starts with having a strategy.

You Need a Content Marketing Plan

What are your goals? What are your chosen strategies, tactics, and timeline. Add a definition of your key audience(s) — which should never be “everyone” — and you have the key elements for a great  content strategy. By documenting your strategy, you can determine how the coordinated efforts that are needed to achieve your goals.

Approach Content Creation Strategically

Creating engaging content requires an investment in both time and budget. But you don’t need to start from scratch. Inventory the assets you already have on hand and relentlessly reuse and recycle those materials. Much of content success is sharing your content again and again.

A central location to store company leaders’ thoughts, ideas, insights, experiences, and more — can also be a major asset across your team when it comes to content creation.Use email lists, social media, commenting, social sharing apps, etc to tell people about your content.

Follow the Plan

Execute your plan for sharing content though a variety of means. Each piece of content needs a primary placement as well as a plan for driving traffic to that placement.

Measure Progress

As you define your goals, also determine how you will determine if you are inching toward them. There is no one set of measures of success. Your success is achieved when you reach or at least move toward your defined goals.

Pick measures and track them.