Publishing on LinkedIn

header_linkedinEveryone’s talking about LinkedIn Publisher and Pulse these days. The LinkedIn community continues to grow, so you want to take advantage of these opportunities to publish content on LinkedIn.

Publisher and Pulse Explained

originally, LinkedIn only allowed members who were deemed to be influencers to publish content on the platform. Now anyone can publish long-form content about their expertise and interests. While publishing a long-form post on LinkedIn doesn’t mean you’re a LinkedIn influencer, publishing allows you to further establish your professional identity by expressing your opinions and sharing your experiences.

LinkedIn Pulse is the application that serves up content published on LinkedIn. Based on your profile and actions on LinkedIn, Pulse will highlight compelling content and what’s trending with millions of professionals worldwide. Pulse is available on Android, iPhone, as well as, and allows you to read and share your news wherever you are.

Publishing on LinkedIn

You can choose to make LinkedIn a primary or secondary place where you publish content, but it is definitely worth your time to share content there. You will instantly reach the people you want to connect with more easily than building your own website or blog audience.

You can LinkedIn Publisher to consistently provide useful content for your audience, gain visibility, and build your professional identity without writing anything new. It all starts by selecting the Write New Post button on your LinkedIn profile.

Here are ideas for content:

Republish blog posts. LinkedIn is a great way to get more mileage out of your blog writing. You can copy and paste complete posts from other blogs. Posting the entire content on LinkedIn – rather than a teaser that links over to the original post – has been demonstrated to get the most readers.

If you decide to go this route and care about search engine optimization (SEO), be mindful of how Google deals with duplicate content.

As a general rule, wait at least two weeks after the post was originally published before you republish it to LinkedIn. That gives the bots from search engines enough time to index and understand which post is the original, and rank it higher than republished content.

More tips when republishing posts on LinkedIn:

  • Let readers know where to find the original post by including a sentence at the beginning or end that directs readers to the original version. This helps to create awareness for the other places where you publish.
  • Write a new headline.
  • Update the content if needed.

Repurpose content. Whitepapers, case studies, and presentations can all make great posts on LinkedIn. You can write an introduction with key points and link to the complete document or you can use these as sources for a series of LinkedIn posts.

Write new posts. LinkedIn offers analytics on all of your published content. Look at traffic, social media shares, and any other metrics you monitor for indications on what is connecting with the people you want to engage on LinkedIn. Write new posts that tap into those successes.

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