I’ve Been Unfaithful

header people talkingWith the Ashley Madison hacks making headline news, it is timely to confess: I have been unfaithful to you, blog readers. I’m in a relationship with another blog and have been neglecting my commitment to you. I’m trying to improve.

Let me explain. I have been tasked with managing a second blog, including making daily posts of original content. I have great support from some excellent writers, but I find that being responsible to more than one blog is not easy.

Here are my survival strategies. Please share yours.

  • Have an editorial calendar. Take time to map out ideas for the coming days, weeks, and months. Look at holidays, common activities by season, key conferences, etc for sources of topic ideas. Think and plan once and give yourself a great road map to follow.
  • To the extent possible, make the administrative set ups the same. In whatever ways you can control, make the set ups of the blogs you manage the same so that posting content and other management tasks are as similar as can be.
  • Write in batches. Sit down and write and schedule several posts at a time. Upload several images as a time.
  • One idea does not have to equal one post. Each blog covers a different topic, so one idea or topic can be pursued with a different angle at each blog. And, posts on one blog can be a source of ideas for a post at the other blog. Good rule: content can be reused after two weeks, when search crawlers are no longer actively indexing the content.
  • Tap into guest bloggers. Find great writers who are passionate about the same topics and invite them to write for your blog. This is a win-win, adding to the diversity of opinion and ideas to the blog.