Who’s on Social Media in 2015

header_sociallogosHistorically, women have been more avid users of social media than men. More recent data, however, show that these differences are no longer statistically significant. A new Pew Research Center analysis finds that a similar share of men and women say they used social networking sites this year.

  • 73% of online men use social media
  • 80% of online women use social media

There are still some gender differences on specific platforms. Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram have a larger female user base, while online discussion forums like Reddit, Digg and Slashdot attract a greater share of male users. Gender differences on Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn are not significant.

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The gender gap for LinkedIn has narrowed over time. Today, a roughly equal proportion of internet-using men (26%) and women (25%) use the professional networking site. The share of women who use LinkedIn has steadily increased since 2010, when only 12% of women used the platform.

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