Expand Your Email Reach with Share-Worthy Messages

header_emailThe reach of your email campaigns can go well beyond the size of your distribution list if you build in tools that encourage sharing. Everyone on your email list is connected to other people.

Research shows that the following are effective strategies to spur shares of both BtoB and BtoC emails:

  • Include a prominent “Share with Your Network” call to action within the primary content block rather than in the footer of the email.
  • Make sure your content is relevant to the list that you send it to. Personalize the message in meaningful ways, such as providing customized product/service recommendations or dynamic content. Segment by geographic, demographic or behavioral attributes to further ensure the content is relevant to the recipients.
  • Send messages that are based on actions. Messages based on actions like welcome emails to new subscribers, post-purchase emails, post-event emails, and application-related emails and the like are highly shared.

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