Reporting on Twitter Shares Just Got a Lot Harder

twitterbirds_headerIf you use share counts on Twitter as a data point in your reporting, your world just got a little harder. Twitter has announced that share counts will no longer appear alongside Tweet buttons and third-party direct access to tweet share stats will be curtailed.

The impact the change will have on you and your business depends on how you function online.

Here’s a few of the most likely situations and outcomes outlined at one blog:

  • If you’re a blogger, your Tweet button won’t show visitors how many times your latest post (or any post) has been shared – Could lead to fewer shares and less interaction?
  • If you’re an online pro who gets paid big bucks for helping promote brands, you’ll lose a primary way of showing advertisers how popular you are with the online masses – Social Proof. That could put a dent in your bank account
  • If you’re a third-party app developer, you may be in deep waters – without access to Tweet share counts, your app may lose a critical part of its functionality, and you may lose subscribers

I add to this that many of us need to report on the impact of our efforts on Twitter and shares were an easily reportable data point.

If this does impact you, this may be the impetus you need to think more deeply about your efforts on Twitter. How much time do you spend on the platform? What meaningful results are you getting? I suspect that many of us used the number of shares on a tweet as a measure more because it was easy to obtain rather than that the data told us anything meaningful.

Here are some thoughts for more meaningful measures of efforts on Twitter:

  • How often are you (your company, your product or service) mentioned on Twitter?
  • Are the links you share clicked?
  • What is the conversion of any call to action?
  • Are the influencers you want to connect with following you?

The measures are much harder to track than pulling the share count. But, the insight is more valuable.

Thoughts? Let me know what you do to measure the impact of your communication on Twitter.