We’re All Teachers

header apples scaleWorld Teachers’ Day (Oct. 5) was designated to celebrate educators around the world. There is often discussion of how demanding and valuable the role of teachers is, and I completely agree. But I also think that we all need to understand that we have the role of teacher, too, in everything we do.

As communicators, it is our job to help the people we work with to understand the value and elements of sound strategic communication practices. We are most successful when, not only does the project at hand achieve its goal, but those involved become better equipped for effective communication into the future.

If we fail to follow sound practices and cut corners to get the immediate task at hand done. we have failed to properly teach the people we work with how to communicate well. That’s as much of a shame for our profession as it is when formal schooling fails to teach a child to read.

I encourage you to build time into every project to share with others what you are doing and why. Why does this topic warrant a press release? What is the philosophy behind responding to the media in a particular situation? Why is it important to define goals at the onset?

This is how we elevate ourselves from the perception of being masters of spin to being valued as the strategic professionals that we are.