Tweet Mobily

header man smartphoneWhen you compose a tweet, know that many – if not the vast majority – views will occur on mobile devices. Of Twitter’s 316 million monthly users, 80 percent are on mobile.

If you thought it was hard to grab audience attention and time on your website, getting mobile users to spend time on anything one piece of content is even more challenging. Mobile users are typically on the go; they might take a few seconds to scroll through Twitter.

Here are some tips to make your tweets mobile-friendly:

  • Schedule tweets for the right time. Monitor your analytics to make sure you’re timing your tweets to coincide with when you get the most traffic from mobile devices.
  • When tweeting links, link to mobile-friendly websites. Most websites either have a mobile version, or they are responsive and can be viewed on any screen but do a quick check to make sure that your link works well from mobile.
  • Use images. Anything eye-catching has the potential to grab the attention of a mobile user and  tweets with images appear larger in timelines.
  • Keep the right balance between informative and promotional tweets, about 9-to-1. You want to be worth the mobile user’s scarce time.

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