Standing Out Among Content Clutter

header_crowdpeopleEveryone knows that to gain eyeballs, you need to provide great content online. With more and more content being shared, it’s getting harder to stand out.  Here are some things to think about.

Quality Counts

Quality content is far more important than quantity.  If you are going to take the time to share information, do it well. There have been times that search algorithms let you get away with poor content that had the right words – no more, and thank goodness.

Search engines give the best rankings to relevant, quality content. Beyond that, you want to offer quality content that your readers want to read.

Structure Counts

Structure your content with headlines, subheads, and bulleted lists. Taking time to code those heading tags rather than just using bold styling for subsections is worth the time because search engines will rate well-structured content more highly.

Go Beyond Words

Content is more than text. Use relevant images, charts, videos, and other visual elements whenever possible.

Experiment with infographics. They allow you to deliver a lot of information in a concise format.

Leverage Insights

Pay attention to interactions on your content, data dashboards, and other sources that give you insight into what content works best for you and your readers. Look for guidance on the best topics as well as the best timing. You can also learn where your visitors come from and what content they spend the most time with. All of this insight should help you to refine your efforts to maximize effectiveness.