Shut Up and Listen Already!

header convoMy children as well as my clients know that I think some of the most effective relationship building happens when your mouth – figurative or virtual – is shut. You need to listen more than you speak.

Social listening allows you to learn more about the passions of your target audience, trends in your industry, current news, competitors, and more.  Listening online means paying attention to messages as well as information contained in search, forums, ratings, and reviews.

Forums are a great source of insight. They provides a lot of clarity into urgency and frequency of questions, concerns, and sources of satisfaction. Product ratings and reviews can reveal product issues, perceptions, problems, and feature requests.

Monitoring news with tools like Google Alerts can help you to see emerging trends and competitor efforts. You can target around keywords to ensure that you are keeping on top of the topics that matter most.

Talk less and listen more. You will be amazed at how rich the information is when you are focused on what people are telling you rather than what you want to say