Choice Still Rules

header emailphoneAccording to the Ascend2 and Dun & Bradstreet NetProspex’s report “Email Marketing Trends, B2B Benchmarks for 2015,” marketers are finding that allowing choice – both to sign up and to pick they type and frequency of email to receive – is an important factor in effective email campaigns.Signing people up for information without their choice negatively impacts engagement.

Music to my ears as I continue to have to unsubscribe to at least ten unsolicited messages a week. It adds up and is frustrating – and never creates a positive relationship with the brand.

Once you entice people to opt-in to your email list(s), including a meaningful call-to-action offer is the most effective way to increase click-through rates . Respondents also cited:

  • List segmentation for targeting (51%)
  • Message personalization (44%)
  • Testing and observing (33%)

The report recommends focusing more on list quality and less on list quantity. A smaller, more targeted list has a higher value than a large harvested list. Communicators are best served when they focus on building relationships, not lists.