Think Visual, Even for Mobile Users

header instagramAn increasing number of the people looking at your content are doing so with their mobile devices. In fact, more and more people are looking at your content only on mobile devices.  Concurrently, images are replacing words, even on small screens.

People use images to experience and process the world around them. The best content has strong visual appeal. Use images that:

  • Tell a story
  • Create an emotional connection
  • Match the aesthetic of the rest of visual experience

You don’t need photo shoots or elaborate productions. You can create effective visuals with simple photo editing and filtering tools.

Maintain consistency across campaigns by establishing connective elements across images and videos – like an identifiable color palette, composition, or photographic style. This will make your content more recognizable.

Make sure your visuals – like your words – support your strategy. Images need to make sense and add to the meaning you want to convey.


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