Creating Effective Content

header writingpadYour online content is being read by real people who are looking for helpful information to learn something, solve a problem, or just be entertained. When your content is focused on other goals – like selling – that creates a disconnect that makes your content ineffective.

Here are some tips for creating compelling content that gets read and has an impact.

  • It won’t surprise any regular readers that the key is to focus on creating a relationship with people rather than promoting a product or service. Connect with readers’ needs or interests first, then show how you play a part in the topic at hand.
  • Tell an interesting story. Offer helpful information in a context that people can relate to and show your connection to that information.
  • As you write, be stingy with your words. Pack the most meaning in the fewest words possible. If your most common verb is “is” you are likely not writing as effectively as you could be. Make every word pull weight.
  • Stick to the basics of good publishing hygiene. Nothing should be published at your website that has not been read by at least two people. A third person should do a proofreading and editing pass. As a bonus, share the final content with someone from the target audience and get an evaluation.
  • Pay attention to the content of competitive or related organizations. Assess the impact of their messaging. Use this as an instructive lesson in what to do and what not to do.