Great Communicators Are Counselors, Not Critics

header_plannotesSo, you are a communication pro. You may consider yourself a generalist or a specialist in one or more area of public relations or communication. This stands to reason, because no one would need you or hire you if you had no special skills.

So, why do you expect your clients, coworkers, etc. to be flawless in their communication efforts? To know how to plan effective communications? To work well with the media?

I hear communicators complain all the time about people they work with not getting things right. I often think that we need to stop spending time identifying these missteps and more time contributing our expertise to help avoid them.

Are you thinking that you aren’t at the table to provide the needed counsel? Perhaps that’s because you aren’t seen as someone who has something to contribute.

Communication victories start small. They start with the great advice you offer to a coworker that helps him or her to get through a tough issue. They start with a helpful email that helps someone working on a project to nail the underlying communication issues that you not only see but know how to strategically manage.

When things go wrong, don’t join the hindsight warriors. Be part of making things right. Help your organization or your client to tease out lessons learned and to develop a plan to do better next time.