Image Sizes for Facebook, LinkedIn, and More

header_coloredpaperGetting attention on social media means using great images. No text-only post has ever gone viral and they are just plain easy to miss as social platforms increasingly optimize exposure for posts with images.

It’s pretty frustrating to have images that don’t look great when you post them. Often, this is due to your original image size not being optimized for the place where you are using it. Taking time to use an image editor to make your photos the right size before you upload can make a huge difference.

Here are the optimal image sizes for the largest social platforms:


  • Profile pic, 180×180
  • Cover photo, 851×315
  • Post image 1200×900


  • Profile pic, 400×400
  • Profile background, 1000×425 min-4000×4000 max (the larger the image, the longer the upload time)
  • Company logo, 100×60
  • Company banner image, 646×220


  • Profile pic, 400×400
  • Cover photo, 1500×500
  • Image in a tweet, 506×506


  • Profile pic, 165×165
  • Pins, 236xscaled height


  • Profile pic, 110×110
  • Feed images, 510×510 (square), 1080×1350 (portrait), or 600×450 (landscape)

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