LinkedIn Basics: 4 Steps to a Findable You

linkedin-logoThe number of LinkedIn connections I have that still have a default avatar or list the person at a job he or she left years ago, tells me that too many of us are neglecting our presence on LinkedIn. This networking site is invaluable to any working professional, whether you are looking for a new gig or just want to stay connected with the great people you encounter during the course of a career.

So take time to walk through these four steps to make sure your profile is updated and easy to find:

Name Names

Include your full name so that people can find you. At its core, LinkedIn is all about making connections so you want to make that as easy as possible. This isn’t the place for catchy references like “Word Ninja,” that’s for the next item.

Tell Your Story in the Headline

The LinkedIn headline can be up to 120 characters. Just like the headline on a news story, this may be the only portion of your profile that is read, so make each one of those 120 characters pull weight. Make it easy for readers to understand your professional role and passion.

Populate all the Details

Be sure to designate your location and your industry. These are important aids in search and will help people who may not be sure of your name to find you.

Use a great profile photo. This should be shot that represents you professionally (no kids, dogs, or significant others unless these are part of your work.) Your face needs to be large enough so that people can see what you look like.

Customize Your URL

Find your unique URL in the light grey box below your name. Click the edit option and revise it to something streamlined. You will use this for your resume, business cards, etc.


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