LinkedIn Basics: the Resume Stuff in 3+ Simple Steps

header apple userI recently offered simple steps for making yourself findable on LinkedIn. I stopped at the resume-like core of the profile, which can just feel overwhelming. The more complete your profile is, the more findable it becomes , so it is worthwhile to take the time to complete all the sections.


The summary is a brief description of your professional standing – what you are best at, what you do now, and what you aspire to do. You can add media here, like screenshots, slideshares, and articles.


Here’s where you want to have a current resume on hand. Cut and paste to get started and then refine entries to optimize them for LinkedIn. As you do this, you might find yourself updating your resume as well.

  • Position titles should be 100 characters or fewer
  • Position description can be up to 2000 characters, so there is plenty of space for details
  • If you have relevant videos, articles, presentations, etc. include them for each job

Take time to locate someone from each job and make a personal request for a recommendation.


You can list up to 50 skills. Once you have these included on your profile, people can endorse you for one or more skills. This adds to the legitimacy of the skills you list under each job you have had.

Again, ask some connections to endorse you for one or more skills to legitimize them. LinkedIn regularly prompts connections to endorse your skills, so it’s  less work to get this section fleshed out than to get at least one recommendation for each job you have had.

Follow the Wizard

There are more sections available that may or may not apply to you. LinkedIn will prompt you. Feel free to skip any areas that don’t apply to you. Your goal is to present a quality overview of your professional experience.

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