Best Practices for Texting as Part of the Messaging Mix

header man smartphoneLast year, more than 8.6 trillion text messages were sent, including 6 billion per day in the United States alone. Texts – also known as short message service (SMS) – is another way to reach your audience.

As with all channels, texting must be done authentically and strategically. Here are some points to consider for your texting strategy:

  • Tailor messages for the format: keep them  short and simple. Get right to the point and make it easy for recipients to act on any call to action.
  • Segment messages. Don’t sent the same message to every content. Use what you know about your contacts to make messages highly relevant.
  • Let contacts choose how to get messages. Allow contacts to choose the types of messages they want to receive through various channels.  Some customers prefer to receive certain messages via different channels and, if they can’t control the flow they may opt out of hearing from you altogether.
  • Set up a way to determine the effectiveness of text as a communication channel. Pay attention to engagement and other actions for this tool versus others in the mix so you know where to allocate resources.