LinkedIn Basics: Make It Social

header connectTo round out my recent posts on representing yourself well on LinkedIn, I want to focus on social networking opportunities. LinkedIn is a great place to be part of valuable professional networking and conversations.

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Look for Connections

People are still joining LinkedIn all the time. Regularly search for names and employers to find people you know. Send connection requests to people you actually know.

Join Groups

Join groups that are related to your work and interests. These offer you an opportunity to join in conversations with thought leaders and industry luminaries. Once you are part of a group you can start discussions and comment on discussions. Both are a great way for you to share and build your expertise and help more people to learn about you.

Post in Pulse

LinkedIn allows everyone to be a subject matter expert. Post to Pulse at least once a month. Monitor the postings in categories of interest to you and regularly comment on them.

Look at You!

All of these social activities will trigger automatic updates about you on LinkedIn, increasing your exposure across the social platform. Combined with your well-developed profile, this will help you to continue to grow your network and your standing as an expert in your field. Win!