Use Twitter to Connect Your Content with Big Events

header_newsTwitter is the social platform of news junkies so it’s no surprise that there are lots of tweets around events. Even fairly inactive users can come alive when they attend a conference or concert. So, events are a great opportunity to get your content seen.

This can be done with both paid and organic efforts on Twitter.

Targeting Twitter Ads

You can target Twitter ads using event targeting. Event targeting gives you  the ability to focus a campaign around the growing conversation as specific targeted events unfold. To add event targeting to your Twitter ad campaign, use the Select Your Audience segment during the campaign set-up process.

Organic Twitter Event Engagement

You can also insert yourself into a popular event by  identifying and applying trending hashtags. These are constantly updated on the left side of the Twitter home screen.

Finding Events

Twitter offers an event-targeting calendar that offers some historical stats and data that can give you a better understanding of how the platform is used to discuss specific celebrations and moments. The event targeting calendar is accessed from the Twitter Analytics dashboard. Click on Events in the menu at the top.

You can filter by date, type, and location to find events of interest. Click on any event to access information about  the Twitter discussion around that event from the previous year, such as tweets, tweet impressions, and gender splits. There’s also insight into locations where the event is most discussed.