Keeping Up with AP Style

The 2016 edition of the AP Style book is due to be released on June 1, but they are already offering a preview. Effective with the June 1 publication, AP Stylebook usage will change for two words we use all the time: internet (lowercase) and web (lowercase).

The style book has been a Bible of sorts for journalists forever. If you produce content, you should stay familiar with the evolution of AP or another style standard. Following a standard for basics of usage, style, and punctuation is one of many ways you infuse credibility in your content.


Here are some key updated to AP Style from recent years:

  • The words “over” and “more than” can be used interchangeably.
  • Global warming and climate change can be used interchangeably.
  • Write OK to signal agreement (formerly the proper spelling was “okay”)
  • Always spell out the names of states. Abbreviations are only used for addresses and datelines in press releases.
  • “Underway,” previously only one word when referencing a ship, is now one word in all uses.
  • “BLT”—formerly bacon, lettuce and tomato—is now acceptable on first reference.
  • Use“craft brewery” rather than “microbrewery.”