Communicate Timely Service Information by Text

header mobileanywhereToday’s consumers expect timely service-based communications by text messaging to their phones. So, if you are sending something, dispatching someone to help, or notifying of a fix, text messaging is the tool for you.

The 2016 Transactional Messaging Consumer report from Vibes offers data, insights, strategies, and use cases for meeting this strong consumer expectation. Among the findings, people highly value receiving personalized notifications containing important information in real time and want the option to choose their preferred communication channel.

With nearly two in three Americans constantly checking their smartphones, it’s more important than ever for companies to evolve their service-based communication offerings to compliment both email and mobile solutions.

Message should be personalized and include relevant and time-sensitive information. The report has three key takeaways for service businesses:

  • Put mobile at the center of your transactional messaging strategy
  • Service-based messages get more attention than other types of messages and emails
  • Transactional mobile messages influence positive brand opinions

Desired messages include order confirmations, shipping alerts, delivery notifications, product updates, time-triggered reminders, and real-time issue updates. People surveyed also reported a preference for doing business with companies that offer these messages via text.