5-Minute Twitter Refresher

twitterbirds_headerWhether you have been using Twitter for some time or are new to the game, here are some quick tips to help you be successful.

Why to Use It

Use Twitter to reach influencers among your key audience. This is a great place to interact with them because they are on the platform a lot.

Twitter has a you-follow-me, I-follow-you culture so it is easy to build connections without a lot of effort.

Another bonus of easily following others is that is is easy to get ideas from what others are doing. Use these ideas on Twitter and other social media.

What to Do

Keep your tweets 90% informational, 10% direct promotion of you and your business.

Remember that most users will access Twitter from a mobile device. Make sure your posts are easy to read on the small screen.

Use images. They get eyeballs.

Every tweet should provide enough content to compel the reader to click through to get more information. Getting people to your website for more information is the jackpot.