Blogs Drive Traffic to Your Website

header blogBlogs are one of my favorite tools because they are great ways to communicate and they really help build website traffic. Win!

Communicating with a Blog

A blog is a place for you to share your expertise. In posts of 500 words or less, you get to tell readers what you know and why it is important. You don’t need to say you are an expert – your words do that for you.

When writing blog posts, there are a few things you can do to go beyond informing your reader and drive traffic to your website:

  • Research the keywords related to each posts topic. Use about three keywords per post. Use them in the headline, subheads, and body text.
  • Link your post to relevant further information at your website or to other posts within your blog.

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Setting Up Your Blog for Success

Beyond making each post great, your blog set up does a lot to attract readers.You need a professional template that is attractive, easy to use, and helps them to navigate around.

Make sure the template allows for you to associate an attractive image with each post. Readers are drawn to content by visuals.

The navigation of your blog should connect to your website and vice versa. Both should promote the other.

Make sure there is a way for the visitor to subscribe to get alerts when you publish a new post and/or to sign up for a newsletter or other regular communication from you.