5 Great Ideas for Your LinkedIn Company Page

header_linkedinYour LinkedIn company page is a great way to establish your presence in the marketplace as well as thought leadership. Here are some ways you can maximize on the benefit of your LinkedIn company page.

  1. Drive traffic to your page. Link to your company page in your signature, from your website, and from anyplace you are online. Help people find you there.
  2. Publish thoughtful posts. Your LinkedIn company page posts should be an extension of your brand voice. Convey your business’s personality. Talk about the things that matter to your industry and your customers.  Always include an image with your post.
  3. Post regularly and at least once a week. Activity builds credibility. Posting once a week will let people and other businesses know that you’re an active player in your space.
  4. Make sure your page is complete. Fill out all the available fields so that people who want to learn about you and connect with you can do that. Encourage all your employees to connect their profiles with the company page.
  5. Use keywords. Make sure your company page uses the same keywords that you use for all of your other online company activities. Every time your company name is connected to a keyword, your rank for that keyword improves.

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