Your Website Checklist

computer_headerHere are 10 things every website should have in 2016. Take a run down this checklist and make sure you (or your web support vendor) can answer yes to all these things:

  1. Up to date content that reflects your business, your brand, and your target audience
  2. A content management system (CMS) that let you easily publish new content and edit existing pages
  3. Ability to create new landing pages for specific campaigns
  4. Responsive design that can be used easily on desktop, table, and mobile devices
  5. Quick loading times and optimization for users who have slow internet connections
  6. Analytics to track site use and measures performance against your website goals
  7. On-page SEO keywords and elements
  8. One or more forms that let you collect information from visitors, synced with your email or contact management system
  9. Security and privacy protocols
  10. Connections to all of your social media platforms and any other websites


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