Finding Time

header timeI’ve been thinking a lot about time management lately. Devoting the right amount of time to business development, serving client, professional development, and personal needs requires careful balance. Too much or too little of any one of these really gets in the way of my productivity.

I know this is a common struggle, so I thought I would share some of the time management techniques I have found helpful. Below I share my top 6 tips, and hope you will add your own in the comments.

  1. Track time and set time limits. No matter what we do, there are only a certain number of seconds, minutes, and hours in a day. When I track the time I spend on each activity, I better understand the balance I am striking among all the demands on my time.
  2. No is an acceptable answer. This one is a struggle for me, but saying no is really fine. I make sure that I only do the things that will help me to reach my goals.
  3. Include preparation and travel when determining the time something will take. This sounds logical, but I have been putting myself in a bad spot for years by only considering the time of the actual meeting. Every commitment needs time for preparation and many need time for travel. It’s important to understand that.
  4. While I am on the topic of meetings, I work to make sure each one has a purpose and, often, even an agenda.
  5. Plan a focus for each day. I structure my week so that some days are devoted to appointments and other for focused work time.
  6. Delegate when it makes sense. I always look at things in terms of value I can create. When the time needed outweighs the value I can add, I look to delegate the task.

Your turn. What is your best time management strategy?