You Are Not as Far Behind as You Think

header bikersroadI hear it all the time from clients: “I am so far behind the curve.” Many people get stalled in developing digital strategy with this thinking that they have to work hard to just catch up. Not so.

There are studies all the time that show that most organizations have a lot of work to do to develop strategies to be effective in the digital world. In the latest research I have seen, Adobe found that 80 percent of marketers don’t have a mobile strategy for the next twelve months.

In the same study, 63 percent of marketers reported that the quality of the mobile experience is more important than the desktop experience, and that 37 percent of their traffic is coming from mobile.

We collectively have a disconnect between what we know – more and more people are using mobile – and what we do, keeping to comfortable communication and marketing strategies. Convincing ourselves that we are far behind everyone else seems to be a great excuse to give up before we even try.

It’s time to put aside the excuses and the fear and just start. Pick one place of entry and just dive in. For you, that may be taking time to develop a strategy that assesses modern opportunities and names your tactics to leverage them. For others, it may start with converting a website to a mobile-friendly experience.

There are many valid ways to begin. Just do it! And don’t be afraid to ask for help. Trust me, you are not that far behind everyone else.