How to Add Video to Your Mix

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I’ve been writing about the need to be visual in online communication for a while. There are one billion YouTube users and posts on all social channels with images and videos get consistently higher engagement.

I see proof with clients. Those who have videos and regularly use them as part of the content mix get great results. Yet, I still can’t quite figure out how to add video for my own efforts. It is so much easier to snap a photo and write some words.

As I work on my own self pep talk, I thought I’d share some ideas that could help you too.

  •  Try off-camera methods. Use animation, screencasts, and  other off-camera methods. This can mean recording a Google Hangout or converting a PowerPoint presentation to video. Tools to help with this include VideoMakerFX and AdobeSpark, a free iPad app that enables you to create professional graphics and match music to text you insert.
  • Repurpose existing assets. Get inspiration from blog posts, whitepapers, still images and other content assets on-hand and use them to create a video.
  • Record something live. Record a portion of an event you are attending or a conversation that covers some good information. You can post it “raw” or edit to focus on the key takeaway you want to share.

Keep in mind, that most social media users don’t expect polished videos. They expect clear images, sound and messaging, because without those basics they can’t understand your video. Just as with your text and images, match your video to the platform where it will appear.

Good luck! Share your successes here.