Visualize with Visme

header-vismeAs the web gets more visual, the number of online tools that allow you to visualize your content grows. I recently came across Visme,  a free tool with a premium upgrade that allows you to create presentations, infographics, banners and other visuals.

With the free version, you get access to a few templates in each category. There is also a library of background images, photography, music, and text options, animations and widgets. The interface is easy to use and you will have a visual in no time.

With the free version, you can publish your work publicly. Published work can be embedded at a site or downloaded as a JPG. You get more options with a paid premium account, but the expectation here is that your work will be housed at Visme and you will share or embed to the file there.

Here’s a run down of features. In each category, you get some basics for free and more options with a paid account:

  • Privacy control to make content public, private or password protected.
  • 100+ fonts, free images,and icons to beautify your content.
  • Ability to add video, control playback, upload audio or record voice over inside the editor.
  • View and present your content anytime from anywhere on any device.
  • Share online as URL, on social media, embed to a site, or download for offline use.
  • Animate any object by adding links, pop-ups and transitions.

There is a good amount of help documentation, as text and video. If you are looking for some fresh tools to create interesting online visuals or even offline presentations and charts, give Visme a try.