Checklist for Your New Website

header netbookWhether you are about to launch a brand new website or you are just working to refresh a current site, here’s a list of the details that should get your attention.


Check for proper spelling, typos, and grammar. Be sure to pay attention to all text including headlines, slideshows, navigation, buttons, forms, image alt tags and callouts.

Update Links

Often sites are developed at a test location. Make sure all links are pointing to your live website.

Size Images

Make sure your images are sized properly for their use. Using a really large image to display in a very small spot can slow the speed of your site.

Test Forms

Do test entries on all forms. Make sure the path from one field to the next is correct, that error messages are clear, and that the right thing happens when the user submits. Also check to make sure the form information is properly recorded or sent.

View on Mobile

Look at the site on several mobile devices. Check to be sure you can read text and navigate around the site. Ensure that users can complete core tasks at the site.

Check Speed

Check load time. Google has a free tool to help with this. Site speed is a factor in your search engine rank, so follow the improvements Google recommends.