Warm Up Your Thumbs: Texting Now Needed at Work

header cellinhandRecently, I needed to get help from someone I don’t interact with all the time. Being a solid Gen X communicator (we love emails and are very business-like about them), I sent her two very specific emails about what I needed. The deadline approached and no response.

I wasn’t able to call, so I tried a text. Immediate response! Turns out, as I work with millennials in the workplace, texting will become an increasingly important tool.

According to a new report by OpenMarket, texting is cited as the most preferred communication channel for receiving notifications from businesses for people aged 18-34. Millennials’ cite texting as a great means for two-way communication that is convenient, fast, and easy to use.

Here are some important stats if you want to work with or market to Millennials:

  • 60% of Millennials want to be able to text their preferred businesses
  • On average, they now receive five or fewer messages a week from companies
  • 20% don’t receive any texts from business at all

So, warm up those thumbs. If you are able to tap texting as a means of communicating, you may rise above all the others who want to reach millennials.

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