Instagram for Marketers

header_mailboxesThe latest social network to rise to fame is Instagram. It may be time for you to take a closer look to determine if this is a social channel that can help you with your marketing and communication.

To start, Instagram is a good platform to play to people’s passions. Topics like art, food, retail, cars, and fashion all play well on Instagram.

By June 2016, Instagram had 500 million monthly active users. It does not look as if the growth of users on Instagram is slowing.

Here are some other facts of note:

  • Not only do adults use Instagram, 53% of adults ages 18–29 years old say they use it every single day.
  • Users are more likely to interact with posts on Instagram than on any other social network.
  • Most content is images and short video, right on target with the trend toward visual content.

Who’s Using Instagram

While 28% of Internet users are on Instagram, in the age group 18 – 29 Instagram is far more popular. 55% of these young adults use Instagram.



Basics of Instagram

If you want to use Instagram, start by completing your profile. Complete as many fields as possible. Upload a profile pic and other images. Establish a presence worthy of who you are.

Invite people to follow you. Really invite them. Call and ask. Email and ask. Don’t just assume that if you post a link to your profile somewhere people will connect with you.

Find people you know and follow them. In generally, people will reciprocate. Be sure to like, comment and share other people’s content.

Post great images and interested video. Content that features people does best.