Getting Started with Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

header writingpadAre you stressed out about marketing your business on social media? If you are like most people, you aren’t sure what to do and it all just seems way too stressful.

What you are likely missing is a social media strategy. It does not need to take a lot of time to develop a strategy. With one, you know what you are doing and why. Most importantly, you know if you are being successful.

Getting Started

A great way to get started with your strategy is to look at your effective offline marketing and communication efforts. What works and what doesn’t? What takeaways can you apply to the online space?

If your audience really responds well when you share stories during face to face meetings, that will likely go over well online, too. If they like plenty of lead time to learn about an event, provide that online as well. If they don’t like it when you get too technical, avoid that on social.

5 Key Questions

Your social media strategy is one of the ways that you communicate and market your business. As you prepare to develop your strategy, ask yourself:

  1. Why do I want to engage online?
  2. What are my resources (time, money, etc)?
  3. What social sites do I want to be part of?
  4. What content do I have to share?
  5. How will I measure my success?

As you answer these questions, you will develop the heart of your own social media strategy.