Getting the Most from Your Content Marketing

The key to success is paying attention to your content marketing strategy.

First, start with a documented content marketing strategy. This will outline your goals, timeline, the content you need to create, and where you will use (and reuse) it.

Understand your focus and purpose. Whether it’s lead generation, engagement, or brand awareness, every piece of content should be on point. Include a call to action to guide the reader on what to do next.
Be sure to allocate the time needed to effectively carry out your content marketing strategy. Writing and marketing content takes sustained effort over a long period of time. If your plans are to accomplish these important tasks in your spare time, you are setting yourself up for failure.
As you create content, know and use your important keywords. As the quality and quality of your content increases your authority in search engines improves.
Make sure you are always learning more about the audience you’re targeting. Their needs will change over time and your content will need to keep pace. Pay attention to what gets the most attention. Read comments to glean themes and interests. A solid understanding of your audience may lead to many useful observations and insights.
Have a plan for promoting your content. To be effective it must be seen. To ensure it gets seen requires effort. The distribution of your content should rely on multiple channels. Consider paid, earned and owned media, requiring from you to find the perfect balance that will maximize your success.
You don’t have to promote your content on every platform, just the ones that are relevant to your audience. It is also important to plan for repeat promotion–distribution does not end when you promote your content for the first time.
Finally, define your measures of success. There’s no point in having a content marketing strategy if you’re not able to analyse performance. You must be able to answer the question: is this effective? You get to decide the definition of “effective.” From Google Analytics to the analytics included with each social channel, measures are available that give you insight into the impact of your content marketing effort.