Getting Started with Instagram

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Just when we we were all getting used to social media meaning a Twitter-Facebook world, along comes Instagram. With an estimated 500 million active users globally, Instagram is worthy of consideration in your social media mix.

Get ready to think visual.

Your Tool for Visual Storytelling

Instagram is a platform that allows you to tell a compelling story in images or short videos. To find success, you must be able but also willing to create and post a pictures regularly.

Start on the Right Foot

If you want to try Instagram, start by setting up a complete account. Make sure you can be found and that your account is credible.

  • Choose a name that is consistent with your other social profiles
  • Use keywords consistent with your brand
  • Upload a profile image that is recognizable

Learn the Environment

Hashtags are important on Instagram. Research the tags that will draw people to your content.

The best choice is not necessarily the hashtags with the most mentions. Pick ones that are used, but not with such high volume that your message will be lost. Avoid creating new tags, as they have no following to boost your efforts.

Unlike Twitter where you should use hashtags with care, on Instagram you should use a lot of hashtags. Up to 30 hashtags are allowed. You can use them in captions and comments to help your content to be found.

Be Interactive

Remember to interact with content that is not your own. Comment and like posts from others.

Build a Community

Share Instagram content on your other social channels. A nice image shared to your Facebook or Twitter account can help you get some of your Facebook friends to follow you on Instagram and help you build your following.

Other ways to build your Instagram community:

  • Follow relevant accounts – some will follow you back
  • Like other people’s content, they will notice you and some will follow you
  • Engage with other people, comment on posts
  • Tag people on posts when it makes sense