Ranking Well on Google Is Easy, Really

header feathersRanking well on Google and other search engines is easy. Really. Here is what you need: content that people love presented in a way that search engines can crawl.


Content is what shows up on search engine results pages. You need to provide a regular supply of fresh content that addresses the topics (keywords) that represent your expertise.

That Connects with People

You need to know (or research) your audience well enough so that you can regularly produce content that they want to read, comment on, etc. Since Google takes cues from visitor engagement with content, you’ll want to encourage interaction by visitors.

Just writing something you know people will love might not get the volume of visitors you need engaging with your content to send Google the signal that your content is worthy of ranking on the first page.

So the goal here is to drive a good volume of visitors who have high engagement rates. SEO is not the only marketing channel to make sure your content gets attention. Also consider:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Influencer marketing

The more you promote your content, the more people see it. That increases the chances of getting links and shares–both signals that tell Google that people like your content.


And Search Engines

You need to make sure you provide ample clues to Google to help the search engine know what your content is about. Pay attention to:

  • Including keywords
  • Metadata
  • No duplicate content within the website
  • Accurate links/no broken links