Make it Happen in 2017 with These Instagram Tools

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Is getting your brand up and running on Instagram one of your 2017 goals? If so, here are some tools that can give you the boost you need to get there.

1. Instagram Insights

Last year, Instagram added brand profiles. Brand profiles can be connected directly to your Facebook business page, enabling easy cross-posting and sharing across the two platforms.

Additionally, once you’ve set up your brand profile, you’ll be given access to Instagram Insights. Insights offers a range of analytics to help manage your Instagram presence. You get access to impression tracking and demographic analysis.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media dashboard that can be used with a number of social media platforms, including Instagram. You can schedule content and get analytics. There are also apps that add to the functionality, as well as free courses that help you learn how to use Instagram and other social channels.

3. Repost

One effective way building your Instagram community is by sharing photos from your followers’ accounts. You need an app to do this, as Instagram does not have a sharing function like Facebook or Twitter. Repost is an app makes it easy to share followers’ photos and to credit them.

4. Instagram User Analysis Report

Simply Measured is a social media analytics platform. They offer a free Instagram User Analysis report to anyone with fewer than 25,000 followers. The analysis shows two-month snapshot of engagement, keyword analysis, best posting times, and more.

5. Wishpond

Contests are a great way to capture your audiences’ attention and get them to engage with you. Wishpond can help.

You can launch a hashtag contest that allows you to collect all the photos attached to a certain hashtag. You can filter people who have followed your brand already, if that is a condition to your contest, and have a voting element sent via email to help your audience participate in the contest.

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