7 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Website Visibility


You have a great website, but that’s no help if it isn’t easily found online. Here are seven great tips to make sure you are visible online.

  1. Google My Business
    Claim, verify, and update your Google My Business listing. This is free and will enable you to appear in search results for queries specific to your location and products and services. 
  2. Press Release
    Write a press release about your site. Be sure to use your keywords and link to specific pages that you want to highlight. Publish the release on your website and external sites, such as local papers (Patch.com lets you publish your content) and press release posting sites like PRLog.org.
  3. Social Media
    Be sure to include links to relevant content at your website when you post and comment on social media. The key is to offer links to more than your home page. The more specific and relevant the links, the more helpful they are to readers and the more they help your search rank related to that content.
  4. Provide Content
    Guest blog. Provide content for industry websites. Publish articles at blog and magazine sites. And, make sure each piece of content has at least one relevant link back to your website.
  5. Link Building
    Ask for links from other sites. These can be partners, clients, etc. Send personal requests and offer to reciprocate. Don’t bother asking for links from places that you are not engaged with in some way or that are just pages of random links. Meaningful links help; spammy links hurt.
  6. Google Search Console
    Set up your Google Search Console account. This helps your visibility and more. With the search console you will be able to monitor your site’s performance, identify issues, submit content for crawling, remove content you don’t want indexed, view the search queries that brought visitors to your site, and more.
  7. Optimize for Search Engines
    Search engines still pay attention to certain content of webpages.
    – Write unique meta title tags for all of your pages.
    – Write unique meta descriptions for all of your pages
    – Make sure that each page title and first 250 words of content contains important keywords