RDC Public Relations’ Annual List of the Worst Business Clichés

header_conferenceGuest Post by Robb Deigh, RDC Public Relations, LLC

Every year at this time, as a public service, we bring out our list of the worst business clichés, those fetid phrases that dull our otherwise-brilliant conversations and writing.

We’ve added some new ones from 2016, a year when – for some reason – starting every sentence with the word “So” became a thing.

After publishing last year’s list, many of you sent us your favorites. Thank you – we hated them – so, of course, we added them to this year’s list. Some of you told have us that you bring the list to business presentations to see how many clichés you can check off. Clever.

Here we present The Annual RDC List of Worst Business Clichés for 2017 (and their clearer substitutes):

* It is what it is (the facts are)
* Circle back (discuss again)
* Touch base (contact)
* Close the loop (tell everyone involved)
* At the end of the day (ultimately)
* The perfect storm of (bad combination)
* Brainchild (invention, idea)
* Brain dump (briefing)
* Pick your brain (get your advice)
* Brainstorm (discuss)
* No brainer (easy)
* Slam dunk (see “No brainer”)
* Get my head around (understand)
* Granular (more detailed)
* Take it offline (talk after the meeting)
* The elephant in the room (unavoidable issue)
* Win-Win (mutually beneficial)
* On the same page (agree)
* Task force (working group)
* Drink the Kool-Aid (this refers to a 1978 mass suicide; let’s retire this one)
* Leading or cutting edge (innovative)
* Mission critical (essential)
* Crunch time (near deadline)
* On their radar screen (we have their attention)
* Paradigm Shift (a change)