Optimizing for Attention on Facebook

header facebooklikeHere is a quick overview on how to maximize your visibility on Facebook. This is largely base don advice from Facebook itself.

  • Write compelling headlines – Use headlines that give people a real sense of the content.As a general guideline, compelling headlines use great verbs and are relatively short.Every. Word. Matters.
  • Avoid overly promotional content – Remember that Facebook success hinges more on developing relationships than one-hit posts. This means that every post needs to be of interest to your target followers. Posting too much promotional content can cause your audience to get less interested in your posts over time, which can lead to reduced reach.
  • Try different things – What works for one brand won’t necessarily work for another. This is not only because every brand is different, but also because each is engaging with a different audience. You need to experiment and test different types of posts to determine what resonates most with your audience, whether that’s live content, long-form content, short-form, video, or image posts. The only way to learn what’s of most interest to your audience is to try things and see what generates the best response.
  • Use publisher tools – Facebook’s publisher tools, like Facebook Insights, tell you how your content is performing and your audience response. It’s crucial that you spend time analyzing the data and comparing what works in order to understand what you should be posting and what your audience wants to see.
  • Engage in more ways that creating posts – Be sure to react to and comment on the posts and comments from your followers. The conversation you create on Facebook needs to be two-way to increase the value to your audience.

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